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ClimaGuard® V11 T
EN 1096-4:2005
Coated soda lime silicate glass intended to be used in buildings and construction works values as of June 2016
Resistance to fire test NPD
Reaction to fire A1
External fire performance NPD
Bullet resistance (EN 1063) NPD
Explosion resistance NPD
Burglar resistance (EN 356) NPD
Pendulum body impact resistance (EN 12600) NPD
Resistance against sudden temperature changes and temperature differentialsK40
Wind, snow, permanent and imposed load resistancemm4
Direct airborne sound insulation (EN 12758)dB29 (-2;-3)
Thermal properties  
Normal emissivity of coated glass surface εn (EN 12898) NPD
Radiation properties  
Light transmission τV (EN 410) NPD
Light reflection (coated side / glass side) ρV (EN 410) NPD
Solar energy transmission τE (EN 410) NPD
Solar energy reflection (coated side / glass side) ρE (EN 410) NPD
Solar factor (coated side / glass side) g (EN 410) NPD
Durability (EN 1096) C
NPD = No Performance Determined