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Welcome to the GUARDIAN CE marking!

The CE marking scheme has been developed to support a single European trade market with harmonized standards. This economic area, where goods, capital, services and labor can move freely, requires a common understanding. Based on the so-called <New Approach Directives>, CE marking became the mandatory European method by which conformity of certain product groups with the essential requirements of these directives is identified. Glass products are subject to the European Construction Product Regulation No 305/2011. All goods carrying the CE mark show compliance with the harmonized European Standards (hEN) and can be freely traded within the market of the European Economic Area.

GUARDIAN, with this site, gives you all the relevant CE information on following products:

  • Float Glass (Extra Clear ®, Ultra Clear ®)
  • Coated Glass (Antireflective,Low Emissivity, Solar Control, Low Emissivity and Solar Control)
  • Heat Treated Glass (Heat Soaked, Tempered)
  • Laminated Safety Glass (Acoustics,Colored,Standard,Structural,Transwhite)
  • Mirror (Mirror, Mirror Copper Free, Mirror Coloured, Laminated Mirror)
  • Acid Etched Glass

GUARDIAN takes the opportunity of this site to inform you on other glass products which, as of July 2011, are not yet covered by the harmonized European Standards.

Further general information regarding the CE mark can be seen at:

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